Natural Dyeing Tofu Skin

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A food design practice Commissioned by the high-class lifestyle brand “世中山居” which devotes to transformation and recreation of handcrafts, tailored for the company’s two sub-brand “YenCh`a” and “Yonyeh”.


Inspired by natural dyeing technique applied on the company`s product, “ChiTofu” team created a series of tofu skin dyed with natural ingredients.


Project Credits

  • Client  世中山居
  • Design team Fang HU 陈晶 田进 徐溪婧
  • craftsman  刘亦平
  • visual communication  王正莹 梁献文
  • design assistants  赵媛媛 Carina Qiu 傅誉煜
  • June 2017